Registration Explained


1: Choose your Program

Take a look through all of our programs for the year. Decide which ones you want to register for, then continue to step 2. (In order to participate in programs with SNSC you need to become a member AND register for your program of choice.)

2: Becoming a Member

Click here to learn more about membership and its benefits
Ready to join? Become a member and register for programs using our registration site


3: Trail Passes

Remember, when you register for our programs and/or membership, you still need a Mount Washington Alpine Resort Season Pass or trail pass to use the trails! Mount Washington early bird rates for Season Passes are available until September 30.

If you are planning to ski outside of program days consider purchasing a Nordic Season Pass from Mount Washington.

If you plan to ski only on Program Days, Mount Washington Alpine Resort provides a special 10 week pass for any of our recreational programs that can only be used on the day of your program – either Saturday or Sunday for the whole day. Prices are as follows (all are plus taxes):

Adult (19-64) $199
Youth (13-18 and 65+) $169
Child (7-12) $109
Tot (6 and under) $Free

These can be purchased at Raven Lodge anytime after opening day.

4: Equipment & Clothing

Equipment: First, check out this very helpful guide: A Parent’s Guide to Cross Country Ski Equipment for Children Check out our gear swap at the annual AGM and our ongoing gear swap. Our local sponsor, Ski Tak Hut is a wealth of knowledge about outfitting your cross-country ski needs.

Season Rentals: See Mount Washington Alpine Resort website for seasonal rental prices. You will need to scroll all the way to the bottom to Nordic Specialty Passes.

Clothing: During the course of the 10-week season, expect to encounter all types of weather, with various combinations of sun, cold, wind, rain, and snow. Dressing in layers is a great way to keep warm and dry, and removing layers is an option if the weather is warmer than expected.

Remember to protect your eyes with sunglasses and your skin with sunscreen (despite the sun’s rays being less strong generally in winter, dermatologists advise that due to the reflective nature of the snow protection is needed).