Our Club relies on and benefits from participation of volunteer coaches. You do not need to be an expert skier to contribute as a coach. Anyone with an interest in sharing their love of skiing, wanting to participate in their child’s ski program, and with some competency on skis, both uphill and downhill is welcomed to our coaching roster.

Coaches are needed in Club programs ranging from preschool age to youth to adults in recreational and racing programs. See our club program.

Our coaches are led by Head Coach Andrea Stapff. Andrea has a strong commitment to coach development and mentoring, and excellent technical and communication skills.


The Club will pay for your participation in coach training courses, in return for your commitment to coach in a club program.

NCCP Coaching courses are run each year in the fall and can include (click on the links to see dates for available for this ski season):

  • Introduction to Community Coaching - An online training module to introduce coaching concepts and skills to coach children age 6 years and under.

  • Community Coaching - A 2 day on-snow module ... and necessary to coach children age 6-9.

  • Learning to Train - Two weekend modules cover Dryland and On-Snow components, and is required to coach youth age 9-12.

  • Training to Train - Two weekend modules cover Dryland and On-Snow components, and is required to coach youth age 12-16.

Full descriptions of coaching courses can be found here.

Ongoing Coach Refresher sessions are run on-snow 2-4 times per winter by Head Coach Andrea Stapff. The dates for these can be found on our Events Page.

To register for coaching courses contact

Coaching Philosophy

Our coaches follow the principles of the Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD).

The LTAD model is based on the physical, mental, emotional and cognitive development of children and adolescents/ It is an inclusive concept that encourages all individuals to be involved in lifelong activity and articulates the need for all children, particularly those that have the capacity and interest to become elite athletes, to be given a solid foundation in physical, technical, tactical and mental capacities upon which to build their performance abilities.

Our primary focus is to promote the development of good people, and secondarily to develop athletic skills useful in the sport of Nordic skiing. Children and youth learn important life skills such as team work, perseverance, life-long physical activity and informed healthy lifestyle choices.

Criminal Record Check

All coaches working with youth 16 years and under must undergo a Criminal Record Check (CRC) every 3 years, to ensure the safety of our children and youth.

The CRC can now be done online. To complete this online process, please contact our Director of Coach Development, Marilyn Atkinson: to get the website and Access Code to complete your online CRC form.

Criminal Record Checks MUST be completed and submitted prior to the start of the Skill Development Program. Please do not be discouraged by the process! These are hoops everyone needs to jump through. Your participation is very much appreciated and valued by Strathcona Nordics!


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