Dave Battison Memorial Stadium

On January 31, 2015, we gathered for the dedication ceremony at the Nordic stadium at Mount Washington Resort.


From Laura Battison’s address at the dedication ceremony:

I’d like to thank Mount Washington, the Strathcona Nordic Ski Club, the numerous contractors, and Brian Stamp for helping to make this tribute to Dave possible. Since 2004, Dave was the Head Coach of the Strathcona Nordic Ski Club. His impact permeates this mountain, especially the stadium.

Dave loved the stadium; the raw energy of competition, the line, and—most importantly—the clock, the place where every inch was measured. Every decision is counted in minutes, seconds, and tenths of a second. Triumphs and defeats are celebrated.

Outside of race day, this is where Dave stood for endless hours coaching and mentoring. Breaking down the fundamentals of skiing with animated actions, skiing trivia, and constructive criticism, everyone learned. What should have seemed like endless hours of torture built friendships and challenged people. Dave had a way of making racing fun for all ages and abilities.

He was a wealth of knowledge was continuously available: a waxing guru, an accomplished international athlete, an acclaimed coach, and a good friend, always ready to help. Dave demanded the basics of time management, accountability, and good planning while building self-confidence in those around him and helping everyone be the best they could be.

Dave believed in developing not only athletes but coaches and a supporting facility to establish the strong foundation we enjoy as a club today. By working with the club coaches, teaching the fundamentals of the Long Term Athlete Development program and engaging people, the club has expanded in size and depth. During his tenure, the teaching grid was built, trail lighting was installed, and the world cup trails were established. We are no longer the little club that could, we are now the club that does.

This sign now stands where Dave spent so many hours. His 90-year-old mother still does things better than we do. Our hips still aren’t far enough ahead, and pain is just weakness leaving the body. As a monument to the things we have accomplished thus far, the torch has now been passed on. Let’s also use this as a marker for all the great things we still haven’t done.