Strathcona Nordic Ski Club

SDP (Bunnyrabbits and Jackrabbits), Youth Recreation, Devos and Junior Race Family Volunteer Policy

Please read this policy before completing registration.

Completion of Registration is an agreement to all policies below.

Strathcona Nordic Ski Club’s wonderful programs would not be possible without the support of volunteers. In fact, it is our volunteers who make our programs great!  Our child and youth programs require a significant number of volunteers in order to be able to offer ski programs to all of the children who want to participate, as well as to hold special events throughout the season.  In order to continue to ensure high quality Nordic ski experiences and opportunities for children and youth we need your help!  

One adult member of each family (parent/guardian) is required to volunteer a minimum of 6 hours per season. We understand that for some people their schedule is too busy to accommodate additional commitments. If you are unable to commit to 6 volunteer hours/family/season, please mark the checkbox on Zone 4 that says, “Would prefer to pay volunteer fee of $100”.  By marking this box, an additional $100 will be added to your registration fees on Zone 4.  The additional funds from the volunteer fees will be used to help offset the costs of the SNSC children and youth programs.   Should you be unable to commit to either 6 hours of volunteer time, or the $100 fee, please indicate by marking the checkbox that says, “Apply for relief of volunteer requirement”.  

There are many volunteer opportunities where you would be on your skis, however there are also many chances to help that don’t require you to be on skis if that is what you would prefer.

SNSC Bunnyrabbits and Jackrabbits Opportunities:

  • Coaching, Assistant Coach or Substitute Coach (if interested please contact Coach Development for information about how to become a certified coach).  

  • Youth Recreation and SDP program photographer/videographer – this position would work well for someone who would like to get a ski in while also volunteering! You basically need to ski and take photographs of the different Rabbit and Youth Rec. groups in action! We need a photographer for Saturday groups and a photographer for Sunday groups 10 am – Noon. 

  • Weekly Session Organizer – Be at the lodge by 9:40 am to set up Rabbit signs, answer questions from families, bring the bin of coaching supplies and toys up from the storage room, have group lists available and displayed on white board in the lodge, help families to find each group, Assist as needed, take down the signs after each session. One person needed for Saturdays and one person needed for Sundays. 

  • Materials and Supply Organizer – Another volunteer opportunity for somebody who would prefer to help out off of the snow.  This role involves taking inventory of the supply of stickers, booklets and awards and determining how many will need to be ordered for the current season. Also coordinate the distribution of the Rabbit and Devos toques and buffs. 

  • Sprint Race Volunteer – This is a 3 hour time commitment that does not require the volunteer to be on skis.  8 volunteers are needed to run this event. The roles include: helping to set up for the sprints, race starters, timers and recorders. 

  • Ski Playground Organizers – This is a commitment of 2-3 hours at the start of the season and 30 minutes/week throughout the rest of the season. Responsible for ski playground equipment set up/take down for each session (either Saturdays or Sundays). Work to develop plans for activities, obstacles and challenges within ski playground.  

  • Year End Rabbit Celebration – This is a 3 hour - 9 hour volunteer commitment (depending on the role) that supports one of the most fun days of the season for the children!  Many volunteers are required in order to make this event a success. Most of these roles do not require you to be on skis.  The various roles include: Year End Rabbit Celebration Organizers, Food Organizers, Activity Station Volunteers, Food Volunteers.

Devos volunteer opportunities:

  • Helping during May and September camps.

  • Coordinating and preparing meals for the camps.

  • Coordinate and Prep meals for the away-trips for race events.

Junior Race volunteer roles:

  • Coaching assistance – especially for away trips and camps.

  • Wax technicians.

  • Class 4 drivers for the Club van.

  • 1 or 2 parent chaperones for each away trip which often includes dinner meal preparation.

  • Overnight supervision during May and September camps.

  • Meal preparation (all meals) during May and September camps.

  • Kaslo July camp – parent helpers required.


SNAP, Youth Learn To Ski and Masters Recreation volunteer roles:

In addition to the Rabbit, Youth Rec., Devos and Junior Race programs, voluntary hours can be contributed during SNSC club events (these hours count towards your volunteer time). Please contact if you are interested in helping for these events:

  • Race Official opportunities.  For more information please contact SNSC information

  • SNSC AGM and Gear Swap (November 2, 2019) –Help with set-up and take down, help with the used gear, help to prepare the chili lunch, provide baked goods for the bake sale.

  • Teck Coast Cups (February 15th and 16th , 2020) and Vancouver Island Loppet (March 15th, 2020) Roles include: Course set-up, Registration, Race Timers, Race Bib Organizers, Marshalls on course, Food and Hydration Station Support, Officials (for more information about becoming a certified Official contact

  • Feb 17th Family Day – Assist with a leg of the MWAR Family Relay Race

  • NordicFest – Assist with the Tour de Strathcona Distance Challenge Event