Our Van


In the spring of 2017 the Strathcona Nordics Ski Club, in an initiative spearheaded by Berend Henckel, was able to purchase a 15-passenger Ford Transit van. This was made possible through the generous donation and commitment of several community-minded individuals.

Making a purchase of this magnitude for a relatively small club would have been nearly impossible, if it had not been for commitment that our sponsors have shown. They signed on for a 5-year sponsorship deal. Total sponsorship money over this period will be $52,500.

Thanks to our board member, Heather Clarke, we were able obtain additional funding for our van in the form of a $25,000 matching grant (to 50% of cost) from the Province of BC, through their Capital Grant Program. As a result, we will be able to pay off our loan in an accelerated way and free up money for other club activities. In addition to sponsorship, Strathcona Park Lodge rents our van for their programs and this rental income flows back to maintenance, repairs and vehicle inspections.

A big thank you also goes out to our volunteer drivers.

The van has served our club very well. It makes the logistics around team travel a lot easier, both for attending races off the island and ski practices at Mt. Washington. Not only is there an economic benefit, but it also frees up time for parents, enhances team spirit and lessens our carbon footprint.

Once again, a tremendous thank you to our very generous sponsors:

Gold Sponsor
($5,000 per annum x 5 years)


Ocean View Oral Surgery - Dr. Andreas Conradi

Silver Sponsor
($2,500 per annum x 5 years)


• Dr. Teri Norfolk Downstream Dental Clinic

Bronze Sponsors
($1,000 per annum x 5 years)


Current Environmental - Rupert Wong

Shoreline Orthodontics - Dr. Paul Helpard

Investors Group - Chris Nagle

Strathcona Park Lodge - Christine Clarke & Jamie Boulding

Associated Tire - Kermit and Betty Dahl


We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the BC Gaming Capital Grant (total contribution $25,000)