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Well, it was these trails here where Megin first clipped into XC skis, in the Jackrabbits club a few odd years ago. Shortly after learning to XC ski her family moved to Nelson and Alpine skiing became the name of the game. It wasn't until recent years when she decided to explore life with a free heel (aka XC skiing) again! She enjoys exploring and teaching the kids how to glide along the trails through the Strathcona wilderness. She views the activity as a gateway for showing and sharing the outdoors with the younger generation. At the moment her favourite trail is being surrounded by the trees on the rolling hills of Lake Approach. 



Originally from Alberta, I grew up competing in Alpine skiing on the local ski hills, as well as occasionally travelling to larger mountains in Alberta and BC. Eight years later, my family moved to the Comox Valley, and I was introduced to the sport of Cross Country Skiing. I discovered that I really enjoyed the balance of the speed in Alpine skiing and the fitness, as well as the ability to enjoy nature in Cross Country Skiing.  Shortly after, I began competing on the Strathcona Nordics race team for approximately 4 years. Over the past couple of years, while completing high school and starting college, I began teaching cross country skiing with the Wood Gundy School Program, and thoroughly enjoy having the opportunity to share my love of the outdoors and the sport of cross country skiing with school aged children.



This is my third year with the Strathcona Nordics Ski Club as an instructor/coach and am very excited to become more involved in the program, I thoroughly enjoy introducing the sport to many young people in our community. I have completed my ICC, CC, and L2T coaching course. I have two young children and am looking forward to sharing my love of the mountains and all on snow activities with them. I cannot wait for them to be chasing me down the trails! Hope to get a chance to see you all out there too!



I have skied for over 40 years. I became very interested  in cross country skiing in 1976  while on a holiday in Quebec where I learned about Jack Rabbit Johanssen. He was a Norwegian who brought cross country skiing to Canada  over a hundred  years ago. He developed trails and skied throughout Quebec. He lived to the age of 111 years and skied several years past his 100th birthday. Jackrabbits, the Cross Country Canada ski  program for kids aged 6 to 9, is named after him. I have coached Jackrabbits and also my son's racing team when he was a teenager. Through the Wood Gundy program I hope that you will become interested in developing your ability to cross country ski. If you learn to ski well you can enjoy a safe and healthy activity that'll get you fit and enjoying the out of doors.



Virginia, grew up with snow most winters and was first exposed to cross country (x-country) and down hill skiing as a child. Virginia can say she is a “life long two planker” (no snowboarding in her future). It is also a good physical fitness activity that is accessible to many people, while x-country skiing you do not have to wait in line to go down a hill (plus the skis are lighter) and you can enjoy the beauty of nature on the trails. Her favourite trails include the waterfall on West Passage and Paradise Meadows. More often then not you will likely see her skiing Ponds, Lookout, and Stadium. Her goal is to get to Lake Approach and Jutland before the end of the winter. She loves winter and could not be more honoured to share her love of skiing with children as part of the Wood Gundy team this winter.



Lyndsey Douglas grew up in Richmond, BC and spent her childhood winters downhill skiing on Seymour mountain and various others throughout BC. About 15 years ago Lyndsey was introduced to x-country skiing through coaching a biathlon team for the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. A few lessons and coaching courses later she was hooked. Now living in the Comox Valley with her young family she is thrilled to be a part of the Wood Gundy family, sharing her love of the outdoors & skiing with all the schools. Lyndsey's favourite Mount Washington trail is Paradise Meadows when the Whisky Jack birds visit!

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