Fund Development

The Strathcona Nordic Ski Club is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing programs for all ages and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. The success of the club is dependent on donations, sponsors, partners, grants and our excellent volunteers. Please see below for ways you can support the club.

Club Fundraising Activities

  • Butcher Block Fundraiser (purchasing and/or selling Butcher Block product from which a % is given to the club)

  • Thrifty Foods Smile Card (purchasing groceries at Thrifty Foods using a Smile Card from which a % is given to the club)

  • Dave Battison Bi-Annual Gala (purchasing and/or selling tickets to the event)

  • Raffles (purchasing and/or selling tickets for prizes)

  • CCBC Club Fundraiser - Operation V Board (Running from December 19, 2018 - January 31, 2019

    • Go clubs go! In partnership with Cross Country Canada and the Canadian Olympic Foundation, Cross Country BC is organizing another fundraiser for our clubs. The goal is to grow our wonderful sport and help our amazing clubs across BC. Let’s see what’s possible!


Donations come from an individual’s philanthropy (a desire to support a cause) or a corporation`s philanthropic budget

  • Donations may be tax receiptable but if a tax receipt is given this limits the amount of exposure/visibility that is offered (i.e. a listing of donors may be given but no substantive perqs) and that may be given to individuals or corporate entities (as per Revenue Canada regulations).

  • SNSC is a registered not-for-profit association but does not, in itself, have Revenue Canada status as a charitable organisation so is unable to directly issue tax receipts. However, it does have 2 mechanisms set up whereby tax receipts can be issued:

    • Through a special project (the Dave Battison Memorial Fund) set up with its National Sport Organisation (Cross-Country Canada). Funds may not be designated directly to individuals but can go to support youth pro-gramming and athlete development broadly.

    • Through the Provincial Association: Cross Country BC (for 2018-19 see the V-board fundraiser above under “Club Fundraising Activities).

  • We offer a tax-deductible donation option through our affiliation with Cross Country Canada. Donations can be made by using this donation form. Funds will be directed to the Dave Battison Memorial Athlete Development Fund.


  • Sponsors are typically companies (i.e. corporate) and sponsorship are typically from a marketing budget and imply a “quid pro quo”

  • Sponsorship commitments are given at various designated contribution levels (i.e. Gold, Silver, Bronze) for which specific visibility, regions, exclusivity and perks may be offered depending on level.

  • Contributions may be in the form of cash, budget-offsetting “gift-in-kind” and/or product (or product discount) that may be of value to its members as agreed by the club

  • Funds given through this source may be used by the club as it sees fit provided that what is offered to the sponsor as a benefit is fulfilled

  • Sponsors are sought for the club as a whole as well as for specific programs and events.

  • A sponsorship prospectus for the club as a whole or by program or event may be requested by emailing and a list of events and dates by which sponsorship needs to be in place is available on our calendar.


  • Grants may be given from various entities (i.e. government, corporations, foundations)

  • Granting agencies have specific guidelines, application forms, deadlines, and reporting mechanisms which our club and/or its programs may or may not fit (depending on the criteria).

  • Funds given must be used for the purpose for which they were intended

  • SNSC’s major government funder is the Government of British Columbia through BC Gaming