Our coaches follow the principles of the Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD).

The LTAD model is based on the physical, mental, emotional and cognitive development of children and adolescents/ It is an inclusive concept that encourages all individuals to be involved in lifelong activity and articulates the need for all children, particularly those that have the capacity and interest to become elite athletes, to be given a solid foundation in physical, technical, tactical and mental capacities upon which to build their performance abilities.

Our primary focus is to promote the development of good people, and secondarily to develop athletic skills useful in the sport of Nordic skiing. Children and youth learn important life skills such as team work, perseverance, life-long physical activity and informed healthy lifestyle choices.

Junior TEam Coaches


Head Coach Andrea Stapff

To find out more information about Coach Andrea, please see our Head Coach page.

Devo TEam Coaches


Jim Batrud

Jim moved to the Comox Valley with the military in the early 90’s and fell in love with the cycling and skiing opportunities. He is currently fortunate enough to be one of the coaches for the Devo (Track Attack) program and loves watching the athletes progress on skis while having so much fun!

His entire family enjoy being part of the Strathcona Nordics as well. His wife Crystal is the club treasurer and their son Rory, who started in the Jack Rabbit program, is now in the Junior Racing program.

Still very passionate about cycling, in the off ski season if not riding his bike with Rory and other club members, he can be found travelling to various continents as an International Mountain bike and Cyclo-Cross official.

Jim is assisted by coaches Alexandra Apedaile and Nick Holyome.


Alexandra Apedaile

Alexandra started skiing when she was 2 years old and through the involvement of her family, has been a member of the Strathcona Nordics for almost her entire life.

Alexandra is a graduate of the Jackrabbit and Devo program where she started competing. She was a member of the Junior racing team for 3 years, attending numerous regional and national level races including Midgets, BC Cups, BC Championships, NORAMs, Eastern and Western championships. While helping out her Dad during the 2010 Olympics and at the Quebec World Cup Ski Tour in 2016, she had the opportunity to meet and see many of the world’s top athletes in action.

Alexandra took her first coaching course in 2017 and is working on her learn to train certification level. She decided to transition to coaching in 2018 and joined the Devo coaching team, a program close to her heart from her Devo days.

An excellent technical skier Alexandra is dedicated to improving her athletes skiing skills in a fun environment and to prepare them for the transition to skiing with the junior racing team.

Recreational Program Coaches


Our recreation program coaches are the heart of our club! Much of our club’s success depends on volunteer community spirit and the coaches who are willing to share their time and love of the outdoors and cross-country skiing with skiers of all ability levels. They are too numerous to mention individually, but we have coaches, from Bunnyrabbit age to Masters Recreational program, who come back year after year. A huge thank you goes out to our Coaching Director and Skill Development Coordinator who both spent a vast amount of time organzing all the coaches and making sure everyone has what they need for a successful season of coaching. We are also seeing the benefit of our older youth skiers who have grown up in the Rabbit program and progressed onto our racing teams and are now sharing their excellent technical skills and knowledge of skiing with they younger skiers. Some of the benefits of being a coach, besides the obvious of being outside skiing with eager learners, are free training with our NCCP coaching courses, yearly socials and swag offerings, as well as several coaching refreshers from our head coach, Andrea Stapff. For more information about becoming a coach click here.

School Program Coaches

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Please see our School Program Instructors page for more information. If you are interested in becoming a coach with the CIBC Wood Gundy School Cross Country Ski Program please email the School Ski Program Coordinator.