CCBC Club Fundraiser

Operation V Board

Cross Country BC has organised another fundraiser challenge for BC clubs in partnership with Cross Country Canada and the Canadian Olympic Foundation and SNSC is participating!  Strathcona Nordics has chosen to raise funds for V-boards. 

V Boards are used to mark race courses. Wooden boards are becoming a health hazard as they have not been drying out when stored.  Just ask the stadium crew how much they might like a new lightweight V board when setting up and taking down these markers for events and races!  “Bring on the V Boards and save the backs of the stadium crew!” says stadium crew member, Neil Swift.

 Details to note:

1.    SNSC is asking members to step up and donate $25 - the cost of a V-board.  You donate that amount and you can sign your V-board at our “signing ceremony”!

2.    Donors have the option of receiving a tax receipt for donations of $50 or greater (and, at $50 can sign 2 boards).

3.    Donations made by December 31, 2018 will get 2018 tax receipts and after that date the tax receipts will be for 2019.

4.    Our goal is $5000 which would give us 200 V-boards. 

5.    While the challenge is open until February 28, 2019 by contributing early in the challenge you can help the club get V-boards in time for our Teck Cup and Loppet 2019 races in March 2019  

 Three anonymous provincial donors have stepped up and will be contributing up to a total of $15,000 in matching funds.  The $15,000 will be handed out as follows, until it’s gone:

•  an initial $100 to every club that raises $200 on their own

•  a further $200 to every club that raises $600 on their own

•  a further $500 to every club that raises $1600 on their own

(If you’re doing the math, that’s a total contribution of $800 on the first $1,600 that the club raises… a 50% match!).  Let’s see what’s possible! Go Strathcona Nordics Go!!!   

Find out more and to donate go click on the Donate button below.

Thank you for your interest and generosity. Let’s see what our club can do! To see how we are progressing with this fundraiser click on this link.

Check out the following video from Paul Chatterton, avid club member, capturing some V Board enthusiasm from long time members, Marilyn Atkinson, John Andres, Berend Henckel, Chris Stapff, and Liza Grant. While it may be past Christmas, we are sure you did not get anything as exciting as a V Board for Christmas!!

This style of board is effective and efficient for event organizers as they are durable, lightweight, stackable and easily secured to the ground. .

Example of V Board from Rundle Sport

Example of V Board from Rundle Sport.